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About Quickie
(Power and Electric wheelchairs)

Quickie wheelchairs are more famous than its maker, sunrise medical. Quickie wheelchairs are a series of wheelchairs that offer rigidity, lightweight, power, and easy maneuverability.

The Quickie Wheelchair’s different models and highlights are briefly described below :

Quickie® Freestyle
Common features like C.G. tilt, rehab seating, and specialty controls in a smaller, lighter, more maneuverable midwheel-drive are available. Available in 2 sizes for people who prefer comfort and maneuverability.

Quickie® Xtender
A manual wheelchair with power - designed for easy maneuverability and minimal effort propulsion.

Quickie® P-220
Quick with top speed 6.5 mph. Quality and control are good.

Quickie P-222 SE
One of the top speed wheelchairs with 8.5 mph speed.

Quickie S-646 and S-646 SE
Quite advanced in the series with good suspension for shock absorption. Comfortable seating system.

Quickie® S-525
Good modular design. Good seating system and can be adjusted from a variety of options available to fit the user’s body and life style.

Quickie® SmartSeat
Good seating system with well designed tilt and recline technology that makes these actions easy and strain free.

More information on quickie wheelchairs can be obtained from www.sunrisemedical.com



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