Quickie Power Assist Wheelchair

About Quickie Power Assist Wheelchair

The Quickie XTender Power Assist Wheelchair is the latest model of Quickie brand empowering the innovation of its kind. This type of wheelchair provides a power assist to the common manual chair and thus makes it as a great one. The external appearance, functionality and control of this wheelchair can be maintained same as that of manual wheelchair.

The Quickie XTender extends efficiency of the push, distance of traveling and also extends transportation options. The Quickie XTender Power Assist Wheelchair is available in several models such as Quickie 2, Quickie 2HP, Quickie GP Swing Away, Quickie GP Titanium and Quickie GP/GPV.

Features of Quickie Power Assist Wheelchair

• The main principle of this wheelchair is: when this wheelchair is applied with force to push the rims, the motor is engaged and it is assisted to propel the wheelchair. This model is generally available in two versions. The first model increases the applied force to hand rims by the factor of 1.5. In the second model it is increased by a factor of 3. This extra assistance can reduce the User’s energy up to the level of about 45%.

• The wheels can be disconnected quickly with the help of axle when the hub handle is simply pulled out.

• Since it is similar to the manual wheelchair it can be transported easily.

• The wheels are electronically synchronized.

• The batteries are lightweight.

• Programming is not necessary.

• This wheelchair model is designed in order to maximize the control of the chair. When the chair is stopped, then the wheels are not activated in the reverse direction.

• The hand grim grip is excellent.

• The wheelchair is assisted with “roll back” for climbing hills.

Specification of Quickie Power Assist Wheelchair

• Its product weight is approximately 35 lbs off-chair.

• Its weight capacity if 250 lbs.

• Its seat width is 11” to 12”, seat depth is 10” to 20” and seat to floor height is 18”.

• Its rear wheel options measure 24”

• Its HCPCS code is K0108.

• Its wheels are pneumatic with solid inserts.

• Each hub of the wheel is housed by one 24 volt battery.

Cost and Warranty of Quickie Power Assist Wheelchair
Quickie Power Assist Wheelchair is available in the price range of $4800 to $7300 depending on the model and accessories included. Five year warranty is provided for the frame and cross braces available in this wheelchair.

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