Pride Mobility Scooter Models

About Pride Mobility Scooter

Pride Mobility is a leading Mobility Scooter selling Company of United States. The company’s new types of designs and products help people who face the problem of walking distances and move themselves at home, shopping mall, etc. A Pride mobility scooter can be steered like a bike and it consists of three or four wheels. Safety and comfort are its two key factors.

The break system in the scooters is superb. The ease of movement and performance over surfaces makes the Pride Company as the leading one.

Different Pride Mobility Scooter Models

There are 12 different models of Pride Mobility Scooter. An overview on each of them is provided below:

• Victory 9: It gives superior performance and the design is feature rich. It has non scuffing tires, low profile and battery gauge. It is available in viper blue color and it weighs about 300 pounds.

• Victory 9 PS: It is a stylish lightweight model with low profile and non scuffing wheels. It is available with 3 wheels only. It also has a wrap around data tiller.

• Victory 10: It has a sporty and smart look. It has one hand feather touch system and LED battery system. It is available in candy red color. It has a plastic seat of light weight with visco elastic foam. It weighs about 150 pounds.

• Go-Go Elite Traveler: It provides easy maneuvering in tight spaces. It offers smooth driving and a maximum top speed of 4 mph.

• Go-Go Ultra X: It has one hand feather touch disassembly and drop in battery box. Its front frame mounted seat offers maximum stability. It is available in both 3 wheels and 4 wheels and it weighs about 260 lbs. It gives 4 mph top speed.

• Go-Go Elite Traveller Plus: It offers standard battery pack of 18AH. It has delta tiller along with wrap around handles. It is available in both 3 wheels and 4 wheels. It offers maximum speed of 4.5 mph.

• Celebrity X: It looks luxurious. It has bright as well as long lasting LED lights that ensure your safety. It offers maximum speed of 6 mph and it weighs 350 lbs.

• Maxima: It has a redesigned seat that provides more comfort. Its electronics package is upgraded with ultra heavy duty drive train.

• Pursuit: It provides complete comfort and safety. It weight about 400 lbs and offers 7.25mph top speed. It has a reclining seat with headrest and front basket.

• Pursuit XL: It has full suspension, tires with low profile and a hydraulic brake system. It weighs about 400 lbs and offers a speed of 8.25 mph.

• Wrangler: It provides optimal power, superb style and superior performance. It has dual motors, 13” all terrain tires and deluxe high back seat with sliders.

• Travel Pro: It is a sleek and sporty style scooter. It can be easily disassembled into 5 pieces and it is easily serviceable. Its front frame mounted seat post offers stability.

Thus Pride mobility scooters are empowered with elegant style, pride in performance, easy portability, versatility, and disassembly and provides high performance. One can depend on these scooters for a long time with comfort and contentment.

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