Permobil C300 Corpus Power Wheelchair

About Permobil C300 Corpus Power Wheelchair
Permobil Company is one of the leading manufacturers of power wheelchairs. If you expect good look and high caliber performing wheelchair from a good quality product company, then you can go for the new Permobil C300 Corpus Power Wheelchair.

This wheelchair is a successful combination of quality and flexibility with a reasonable price. This wheelchair is smaller, it has flexible chassis, it is good for indoor use and it is in turn a strong robust wheelchair. This wheelchair is well designed and it can be moved quickly, more durable and it has great add ons. This chair is easily maneuverable, it has an adjustable seating and it can be used for extended life comfortably.

Features of Permobil C300 Corpus Power Wheelchair
The Permobil C300 Corpus power wheelchair has a well seating system which enhances functionality and gives more power functions. This wheelchair has limitless customization of corpus seating system. The height, width, depth and angle of seat can be easily customized or adjusted.

It has a Uni-Trac accessories system. This wheelchair has a great battery life of 3 days of extensive usage and has a low profile. Low seat to floor height of 17 inches with 45 degrees of tilt gives more comfort. The pole motors are quiet and powerful. It has rear and front battery access. Its suspension is adjustable. Modular design provides more seat functions. It has adjustable trunk support.

Specifications of Permobil C300 Corpus Power Wheelchair

• Its overall length is 43”, overall width falls in the range of 24.25 to 28.5” and its overall height is 43.75”.

• Its seat height is 560 mm, seat width varies from 430 mm to 480 mm and seat depth varies from 360 mm to 560 mm.

• Its weight including battery is 304 lbs.

• Its backrest height varies from 535 mm to 605mm and armrest height varies from 190 mm to 290 mm.

• The distance it covers between armrests is 350 / 400 / 450.

• Its battery charging time is 8 hours.

• Its range is 30 km to 35 km. It offers maximum speed of 7 km/hr or 5mph.

• Its braking distance is 1200 mm. Its turning radius per ISO 7176-5 is 1030.

• Its seat to floor height is 17”. Its seating system tilt angle is 45 degree.

• Its ground clearance is 3”.

Cost and warranty of Permobil C300 Corpus Power Wheelchair The Permobil corpus C300 Corpus Power Wheelchair is now available at the rate of $6000 and the cost can vary from place to place. This wheelchair is generally provided with a two year warranty for its components.

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