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About Nova Wheelchairs

Nova manufactures two different types of wheelchairs namely standard wheelchairs and transport chairs. The Nova standard wheelchairs are in turn classified into steel wheelchairs, lightweight wheelchairs and wheelchair accessories. Nova steel wheelchairs are made of steel frames. Nova lightweight wheelchairs are of very lighter weight; hence they can be easily maintained. Both steel wheelchairs and lightweight wheelchairs are available in three different sizes namely 16”, 18” and 20”.

Moreover their arms are either fixed or detachable. They also have desk arms / full arms. The footrests are swing away footrests or elevating foot rests. In addition to these wheelchairs, the Nova Company manufactures wheelchair accessories namely cup holder, gel foam wheelchair cushion, convoluted seat / back wheelchair cushion along with fleece cover and seat belt along with metal buckle for different wheelchairs. The Nova transport type wheelchairs can be easily transported in cars and trunks. They can be disassembled, folded and packed easily. They are further classified into steel transport chairs and lightweight transport chairs each having several models and features incorporated. In addition, transport chair accessories are also provided by Nova.

Review on Nova Wheelchairs

Thousands of Customers have observed and posted various reviews about the Nova Wheelchairs. Their reviews are consolidated below:
• Frame Strength: The Nova wheelchairs have very strong frames though the frame type varies based on the type of wheelchair opted. The frames are secure enough and they provide more comfort and confidence for usage.
• Upholstery: Customers who have used various brands of wheelchairs have reported that the upholstery of Nova brand wheelchairs is very unique with padding and bacteria resistance facility.
• Best Brake System: Customers have mentioned that the brake system of Nova wheelchair provides high control when compared to other brand wheelchairs. The brakes of Nova wheelchairs are sharp and quite easy to use with excellent brake system technology involved.
• Footrests - The Nova brand gives special swing away type footrests to all its wheelchair types and also this footrest is removable. Moreover, they are more durable and easy to adjust.

On overall, the Customers are very much satisfied with Nova Wheelchairs and the quality it offers. As discussed in the beginning of this article, Nova offers variety of models in wheelchairs. Each of them will have specific features, valuable accessories, varied cost and different warranty period. Analyze each of them and choose an appropriate wheelchair that suits your need. Whatever wheelchair you purchase, be sure that you select it from Nova since it is a brand company offering powerful wheelchairs with excellent quality.

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