Nova Lightweight Wheelchair Reviews

About Nova

Nova Company, started in 1993 is a leading manufacturer and innovator of mobility services. It has grown with a strong foundation, pleasing service, integrity and quality. Its mission is to give service and products of superior quality to the people who are physically challenged. Nova wheelchairs are made up of high quality materials and with greater workmanship.

About Nova Lightweight Wheelchairs

The Nova lightweight wheelchair is a wheelchair designed to give greater performance compared to a standard wheelchair. This type gives more comfort, it is easily transferable and it weighs less when compared to standard models. The flip back desk arms present in it helps in the patient transfer and also enables sitting comfortably. The main feature is the dual axle seat which provides easy conversion of adult to hemi seat heights. The Nova Company produces generally two series of wheelchairs namely, 5000 series and 7000 series. The light weight models fall under the 7000 series.

Nova Lightweight Wheelchair Reviews

The Nova’s 7000 series comes in various sizes such as 16”, 18” and 20”. There are three models of lightweight wheelchairs that are released by Nova. They are namely 7160, 7161 and 7180 models. The common features associated with these three models are highlighted below:
• Dual axle position for instant conversion of seat height.
• Dual crossbar supports and swing away footrests.
• Flip back desk arms.
• Aluminium foot plates of high strength.
• Easily adjustable foot riggings.
• Upholstery of black nylon is flame retardant and it is resistant to bacteria and mildew.
• Frame is offered with lifetime limited warranty.
• Wheel bearings are sealed and ensure safety from dust.
• Weights: It is one among 32 lbs; 33 lbs based on the specific model opted.
• Weight capacities: 300 lbs.
• Overall Depth: 31.5”, Overall Height: 36.25”.
• Overall Width: 25” (For 7160 model and 7161 model), 27” for 7180 model.

7160 model has flip back desk arms and swing away footrests as additional features when compared to the other models. 7161 model and 7180 model has flip back full arms, footrests, elevating leg rests and industry usable accessories will be given along it.


A pleasing kind of service is given by Nova representatives with caring and experienced skills. They provide excellent warranty, product innovation, dealer and consumer education, product service program, etc. The service is completely directed to unleash the potential of the customers.

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