Medline Wheelchair Review

Generally wheelchairs are used by people who cannot walk or feel difficult to walk due to injury, illness or disability. Nowadays several technological advancements have been introduced in producing wheelchairs. Several companies manufacture and sell wheelchairs, but only few of these companies deliver well quality products with reasonable costs. Medline is one among those reliable companies. Not just that, Medline is America’s largest national distributor and manufacturer of health care supply and services. Medline produces different varieties of wheelchair models with useful features and excellent comfort.

Review on Medline Wheelchair Types

There are several types of wheelchair models released by Medline Company. They include Basic wheelchairs, Manual wheelchairs, Transport type wheelchairs, Electric wheelchairs and much more. It also provides many standard models of wheelchairs that are low-priced. The standard model wheelchairs and transport type wheelchairs are the fast moving wheelchair types of Medline. This article reviews both of these types.

The standard model of wheelchair is easy to operate, great, comfortable and light. This type is well made, however the only criticism is that: the side plates are thin and rattle with movement. On the whole, this type is finely made with no fancy extras and also not used to travel on uneven surfaces. For example, Excel 2000 standard wheelchair is the leading wheelchair model of Medline. This model is available in two kinds, one kind is with removable desk length arms and the other one is with removable full length arms and elevating leg rests. They generally have detachable foot rests and padded arm rests. The crossbars coated with powders are quite good and clothing guard is also available. They generally weigh about 300 pounds. The warranty for the product is limited on frame and crossbars. The warranty for the upholstered components and parts against manufacturer’s defects is about six months. They are mostly available in black colour.

The next fast moving and efficient type of Medline Wheelchairs is the transport type wheelchairs. Transport type models are almost 25% lesser in weight when compared to standard models. These types generally have a good quality seat and a colorful frame. It will also contain multiple pockets to hold essentials like cell phone, bottle, tag, etc. Transport type wheelchair gives more comfort than the standard model. The frames of this type are usually constructed of aluminum. The main feature of this type is the fold-down given for easy transport. Some of the models of Medline transport wheelchairs include Medline super light, Medline ultra light MDS808200SLRR, Medline burgundy 19 inch, Medline freedom transport chair, Excel translator combo, etc.

Costs of Medline Wheelchairs

The standard type wheelchair has its starting price to be $40. The transport type wheelchair has its starting price to be $130. The price will increase further depending upon the model of purchase.

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