Medline Transport Wheelchair Reviews

Wheelchairs are used by people who cannot walk or feel difficult to walk due to injury, illness or disability. Though several companies manufacture and sell these wheelchairs, only some of them give a well quality product with reasonable costs. Medline is one of those companies which give a good quality of wheelchairs and produce more number of models and kinds.

Difference between Common Wheelchairs and Transport wheelchairs

In common wheelchairs, either a companion can push the chair or it can be self propelled. They have large wheels of about 24” rear wheels and hence they are heavy in weight. But the transport wheelchairs cannot be self propelled and they can only be pushed by a companion. They have only small wheels of about 8” to 12” rear wheels and hence they are lighter and more compact. Transport type models are mostly 25% lesser in weight than standard models. These types generally have a good quality seat and a colorful frame. It may also contain multiple pockets to hold essential things such as cell phone, bottle, tag, etc.

Models of Medline Transport Wheelchairs

Medline provides various models of Transport Wheelchairs. Few among them are: Medline Ultralight Transport Chair, Medline Excel Freedom Transport Chair, Medline Deluxe Aluminum Transport Wheelchair, Medline Excel Aluminum Transport Wheel Chair and many more.

Medline Transport Wheelchair Review

In general the Medline Transport Wheelchairs have earned a good name and reputation among people for the comfort and long life that it offers. The features of Medline Transport Wheelchairs vary according to the specific product chosen. Here is a review on the features of a fast moving product in Medline Transport Wheelchairs namely

Medline Deluxe Aluminum Transport Wheelchair:

• This chair is of lightweight and weighs about 23.5 lbs.
• It can be easily loaded into the vehicles like car, trunk and airplane. The handles on the rear can be folded down for easy transportation.
• The Aluminium frame is usually powder coated and is durable.
• The seat may be made up of light weight nylon upholstery and they are durable. For safety factor, a seat belt is included.
• This product mostly needs no maintenance and have precision bearings that are dually sealed.
• For assisting in stopping the chair, loop brakes are included into it.
• They have standard padded armrests.
• The weight capacity of this chair is 300 lb.
• It is given with frame and cross frame of lifetime warranty. The upholstery, wheels, wheel lock assemblies, castors, handgrips, arms, axles, etc are provided with one year warranty.

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