Invacare Veranda Standard Wheelchair

About Invacare Veranda Standard Wheelchair

Invacare Corporation is one of the world’s leading distributors and manufacturer of wheelchairs. The Invacare Veranda Standard Wheelchair is one of its popular types which provide more comfort and mobility within the economical limits. This type of wheelchair rolls fine and also it can be easily transported. It is a cost effective, low maintenance option that offers more comfort and style.

Features of Invacare Veranda Standard Wheelchair

The Invacare Veranda Standard Wheelchair consists of padded black nylon upholstery with comfortable padded arms. The powder coated frame that is made of steel consists of front riggings of either swing away footrest or composite footplate. The arms are available at both permanent and removable type so that one can choose according to the need. Its arm style includes fixed height padded arms that is of full length or removable desk length. This wheelchair has a large step tube end cap and also it has a carry pocket on the back side. This carry pocket can accommodate several things such as cell phone, tag, handbag, etc. This wheelchair has cushioned armrests with padded seat and calf pads. It also contains hemi elevating leg rests of swing away type. It has a provision for removable desk length arms for the seat measuring 18” and also for all seat widths at padded elevating leg rests. This wheelchair comes with silver vein frame and combines with front riggings to give more durability and style.

Specifications of Invacare Veranda Standard Wheelchair

• Its weight is 40 lbs but it can hold weight capacity of 250 lbs.
• Its seat width is 18” and seat depth is 16”.
• Its back height is fixed to 18” and its seat to floor height measures to 19.5”.
• Its front wheel size is 8” and rear wheel size is 24”.
• Its overall height is 38”, overall width is 24” and overall length is 32”.

Cost and Warranty of Invacare Veranda Standard Wheelchair

The cost of Invacare Veranda Standard Wheelchair ranges from $115 to $130 when opted with non removable full length arms. When you opt for removable full length arms then the cost will increase in the range of $20 to $30 from the above mentioned rate. Also the Invacare Company provides one year warranty for workmanship and materials used in this product. The warranty period is calculated from the date of purchase.

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