Invacare Lightweight Tracer EX2 Wheelchair

Introduction to Invacare Lightweight Tracer EX2 Wheelchair

Invacare Lightweight Tracer EX2 is a light weight manual wheelchair released by Invacare Company and it is popular among people for its affordable cost and high quality. This Tracer EX2 wheelchair is very cheap compared to other types. The Tracer EX2 model has combined the technology and design of the Invacare 9000 series and it is incorporated into this series. Concerned with the performance of the product, the Invacare Lightweight Tracer EX2 Wheelchair meets the RESNA standards for manual wheelchairs. The Invacare tracer eX2 has set the new standards for the manual wheelchairs and is great for personal and commercial use.

Features of Invacare Lightweight Tracer EX2 Wheelchair

• It has a dual axle position which allows repositioning rear wheels of 24” and casters of 8” for the hemi as well as adult seat to the floor heights.
• Offset arms gives full seat width of up to 20” with hemi spaced footrest, permanent arm and accessories.
• The leg rests are of removable type and the wheelchair has Vinyl seat.
• There are padded armrests of different type’s namely full length removable / full length fixed / desk length removable.
• The 14 gauge cross braces provide more durability and strength.
• The frame made up of carbon steel is long lasting and it is triple chrome plated.
• It has high strength and durability and it needs only minimal maintenance.
• Rear tires made of urethane are set on the no flex wheel, hence it offers superior performance.
• The folding mechanism of this wheelchair is effective; hence it can be transported easily.

Specifications of Invacare Lightweight Tracer EX2 Wheelchair

• Its weight is just 36 lbs but it can hold weight capacity of 250 lbs.
• Its seat width is one among 18” / 16” / 20” based on the type opted.
• Its seat depth is 16” and its overall length is 32”.
• Its back height is fixed to 16”.
• Its overall height is 36”, overall width is one among 24.5” / 26.5” / 28.5”.
• Its front wheel size measures to 8” and rear wheel size is 24” composite.
• Its armrests are full length padded or desk (removable or non removable).
• Its footrests are elevating or composite swing away (removable)
• Its upholstery is made of midnight blue vinyl
• Its seat to floor height is 17.5”, 19.5”.

Cost and Warranty

Cost of Invacare Lightweight Tracer EX2 Wheelchair ranges from $140 to $150. However the cost varies from shop to shop. For this product, a Five year warranty is provided for cross braces and frame.

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