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Disabled is Differently abled

If Wheel made tasks easier for human race, wheelchair makes them easier for differently-abled people.  Wheelchair is the greatest inventions in the medical history that helps people to go on and on and on…

To be ignorant about the wheelchairs and related products available today could cost a “differently abled” person a lot of fun and joy.  The revolution in wheelchair technology is mind blowing.  One can almost do anything from cooking to climbing rocks just sitting on a wheelchair.  There is nothing called “impossible” if you are in a wheelchair.  Just do it!

The brands and varieties available in wheelchairs make it very hard to choose one.  Wheelchair guide attempts to make it easier for anyone to choose a suitable wheelchair with necessary accessories with in their budget.

Thirty years ago the term wheelchair was synonymous with manual wheelchairs.  Today wheelchair could mean a nursing home wheelchair or a stair climbing wheelchair with the latest technology.  The sophistication in the wheelchair manufacture has seen development equal to that of the automobile industry but in a shorter period.  

 The development in science and technology of mobility equipment has given a wider range in the varieties of wheelchairs specifically made to suit the requirements of every individual.   Hence it is almost impossible to categorize these huge varieties.  Still by the basic functionality and application, they can be categorized as follows.

 The purpose of Wheelchair guide is to provide information on wheelchairs, comparative features, latest technological developments, accessories, automobiles, price comparison and also leads to different online vendors.  Only your doctor, physiotherapist or occupational therapist could give you the best opinion for a suitable wheelchair.

So, feel free to surf the Wheelchair guide and use the information available to the maximum.

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If Wheel made tasks easier for human race, wheelchair makes them easier for differently-abled people.  Wheelchair is the greatest inventions...

About the Author
Hi I’m Alex. After the spinal injury in 1992 at T4, I had to get adapted to a differently-abled life style. Like everybody else I went through a lot of physical...

Manual Wheelchairs
ust as the name suggest these wheelchairs are manually operated. We can categorize this into nursing home wheelchairs and daily use...

Electric Wheelchairs
The name suggests how an electric wheelchair works. It works with the electricity generated by a battery through motors, gears...

Pediatric Wheelchairs
Happiest days are childhood days. Nothing should steal that from any child. Best mobility equipment possible should be provided to children...

Power Wheelchairs
The name suggests how a Power Wheelchair works. It works with the electricity generated by a battery through motors, gears...

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Wheelchair scooters
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Wheelchair Vans
Many thanks to General Motors, Ford Corp. and Chrysler Corp – the giants in automobile industry did not forget people...

Wheelchair Spares
When you buy a Wheelchair most important question one should ask his vendor is availability of wheelchair spares easily and affordably...

Wheelchair Batteries
Wheelchairs and scooters use “deep cycle” wheelchair batteries because these batteries provide non stop power supply continuously for a certain...

Wheelchair Tires
Pneumatic, foam filled or solid tires are used in wheelchairs and scooters. These tires contain air filled tubes. Can be deflated or inflated at will. A More comfortable to ride...

Wheelchair Cushions
The most important accessory in a wheelchair is the seating system or a wheelchair cushion. Cushions help in the prevention of pressure...

Wheelchair Accessories
Strapped to the back of the wheelchair to hold the users belongings. This zippered bag straps to the back of the wheelchair or scooter...

Wheelchair Lifts & Ramps
Wheelchair lifts and ramps help to cross the final hurdle of clearing heights and to lead a normal life for “differently-abled” people. Lifts assist in clearing

Wheelchair Lifts
When ramps are not possible wheelchair lifts come into the scene. Where the height is more, a ramp is not possible. A variety of different models of lifts are available...

Wheelchair Platform Lifts
Wheelchair platform lifts are installed both indoors and outdoors. Wheelchair stairway platform lifts are more common these days. They are easily erectable and do not require...

Wheelchair Ramps
Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG) suggests certain guidelines for ramps. Basically for a 1 inch height...

Lightweight Wheelchairs
If Wheel made tasks easier for human race, wheelchair makes them easier for differently-abled people.  Wheelchair is the greatest inventions in the medical

Wheelchair Manufacturers
There are numerous wheelchair manufacturers making ready made as well as customized wheelchairs. Their research has produced big technological development...

Invacare Wheelchairs
Invacare –the word is synonymous with medical products. Invacare produces and distributes more than 15000 Home medical equipment in United States...

Quickie Wheelchairs
Quickie wheelchairs are more famous than its maker, sunrise medical. Quickie wheelchairs are a series of wheelchairs that offer rigidity, lightweight, power, and easy...

Best mobility products at the lowest price
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Various controls of powered wheelchair
Wheelchairs are nothing but chairs that are provided with the wheels for the easy movement of the same

Electric Scooters for Mobility
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What Are Electric Mobility Scooters
Electric mobility scooters help the aged, disabled and also those who are immobile due to temporary illness

Nova Lightweight Wheelchair
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Pride Mobility Power Wheelchair
The Pride Mobility Corporation is an award winning power and electric wheelchair company

Wheelchair Lift Vans – Your Search Made Easy
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Roll Mobility Wheelchair
Roll Mobility is one of the leading company producing high quality wheelchairs for the people with leg disabilities

Are You Looking For Used Mobility Scooters
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